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A205 Vertical Feeding Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System

Vial/Ampoule,Bottles,Horizontal Wrap-around

Vertical Feeding Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling Systemphoto
  • Vertical Feeding Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
  • Vertical Feeding Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
  • Vertical Feeding Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
  • Vertical Feeding Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
A205 is specially designed for high speed and precision labeling on ampoules, vials, and other thin pharmaceutical bottles that cannot stand stably for transport.
A spacing worm for simultaneous bottle feeding and side-turning offers the convenience of tray-to-tray loading and collection of bottles vertically, while allowing the use of a horizontal trunnion conveyor for bottle transport and labeling, which offers flexibility and labeling precision with the 3 point alignment method. Unique mechanism effectively avoids bottle breakage thus allows smooth operation at very high speed. Optional label and code inspection. Unique rejection mechanism ensures accurate rejection of defective products during high speed operation.
  • Vertical-in, vertical-out, tray-to-tray operation.
  • Timing worms feed and discharge bottles with gradually guided side turning of bottles to cope with the horizontal main conveyor. 100% synchronized transition of bottles at the entry and exit points of the main conveyor allow smooth running of materials without pressure and impacts at very high speed.
  • Side-tilting main conveyor to ensure consistent guiding, and avoid up-tilting of bottles caused by liquid migrated to the top inside the bottles.
  • Swing-open wrap-around belt to allow easy cleaning of the wrapping region.
  • Clear-observation windows allow viewing the inside of the main conveyor to facilitate identifying possible trapped items.
  • Various inspection options for no-code, wrong code, no label, wrong label, and mis-aligned label with accurate rejection of defective items even at high running speed.
  • Optional high speed hot-stamping coder to match with the machine operation.
  • Optional high speed tray inserter for the bottles allows inline automatic insertion of the labeled bottles to the inner packing trays for subsequent cartoning.
  • Stand-alone use or inline use.
Model: A205
Name: Vertical Feeding Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
Capacity: 550bpm
Weight: 400kg
Electricity: 220VAC 50Hz 1.12kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)3,190×(W)1,790×(H)1,440 mm
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