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A109 Lip stick Labeling System

Bottle,Horizontal Wrap-around,Lip Stick

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  • Lip stick Labeling System
  • Lip stick Labeling System
  • Lip stick Labeling System
  • Lip stick Labeling System
A109 is specially designed for high precision labeling on the end of lipstick casing, or other products of similar shapes, cylindrical or prismatic (e.g. Lip pencil, mascara etc.), for the cosmetics industry. Designed for wrap-around labeling on relatively large and heavy bottles with orientation features; also capable of putting two labels on one bottle. Using a pneumatic arm for bottle holding, and 3 point rotation method, extra label alignment and registration precision are ensured.
  • To cater for the ever changing shapes of lip stick casing, A109 uses an indexing turn-table to handle the products in and out the labeling station and custom designed jigs adapted to the special shape of the product to hold the product in the proper place for labeling, precisely, reliably and quickly.
  • To cater for the exceptionally small label size normally used for the end of the lip stick casing, A109 uses a specially designed suction arm to pick-up and apply the label on to the substrate, ensuring accurate placement and reliable operation.
  • Various coding device for synchronized online coding: hot stamping, inkjet, thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, to cater to the unique requirement of the user.
  • Various inspection devices for detecting missing label, wrong label, double label, wrong position, missing code, wrong code etc. to ensure quality of the output. Defective products are rejected into a rejection bin.
  • Coding and inspection devices can also be fully integrated into the system for consolidated control from the user interface.
  • Touch panel HMI: Easy to use and user friendly, providing comprehensive help menu and diagnosis support.
Model: A109
Name: Lip stick Labeling System
Capacity: 60-90bpm
Weight: 400kg
Electricity: 220VAC±10% 50Hz 2kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)2,000×(W)1,100×(H)1,450 mm
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