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A201 Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System

Vial/Ampoule,Horizontal Wrap-around

Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling Systemphoto
  • Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
  • Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
  • Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
  • Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
A201 is an economical model for wrap around labeling of ampoules, vials and other thin bottles. Bottles are loaded horizontally and transported and labeled horizontally to maintain operational simplicity. The 3 point alignment method of the trunnion conveyor ensures high labeling precision. Proven star-wheel feeding mechanism for the bottles ensures smoothness and stability at all times. Optional label and code inspection. Unique rejection mechanism ensures accurate rejection of defective products during high speed operation.
  • Horizontal feeding using roller conveyor and wrap around of bottles enable handling thin bottles that cannot stand upright stably. Horizontal wrapping uses the bottle body for alignment ensures label alignment accuracy.
  • Various inspection functions available as options for missed label, missed code or wrong code etc. by machine vision devices or photo-electric devices. Failed bottles upon inspection will be rejected accurately right after labeling.
  • New generation bottle-to-tray inserting device to put the bottles into carton inner trays after the labeling process at a matching speed. (Optional):-.
    • Accurately controlled tray movement to allow smooth placement of bottles into the tray.
    • Simple adjustments and change parts for different sizes of bottles and trays.
    • Trays can be loaded manually on to the tray conveyor easily.
    • An optional automatic tray loader is available.
    • Tray insertion is completely synchronized with the labeling action with a bottle buffer. Labeling machine will slow down at high buffer and trays will stop at low buffer
  • Optional hot-stamping coder, thermal transfer over-printer, or inkjet coder can be integrated into the system seamlessly.
Model: A201
Name: Horizontal Wrap-around Labeling System
Capacity: 200-300bpm
Weight: 300kg
Electricity: 220VAC±5% 50Hz 1.0kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)1,740×(W)700×(H)1,600 mm
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