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A204 Battery Labeler

Horizontal Wrap-around,Battery

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A204 is an ideal and economical solution for battery industry to labeling on the No.5 & No.7 batteries.
A204 is an ideal and economical solution for battery industry to labeling on the No.5 & No.7 batteries. Automatic downloading device and roller conveyor belt get the battery feeding, conveying, labeling, heat shrink finished without any letup. The system can be used either stand-one, or integrated easily into the existing production line. The roller conveyer and label adapting belt mechanism both adopt stepless regulating transducer and the heat shrink device matching with the labeling speed, resolves various labeling problems such as crinkle, frothy and miss-position, etc.
  • Easy changeover for different battery sizes: Just change the separating wheel to swap between No.5 and No.7 batteries.
  • Use of through-beam photo-sensors for material level detection. Achieve automatic speed adjustment at low material level, and automatic stop when no material.
  • Automatic suspension of labeling process when the shrink tunnel is over-heated or under-heated avoiding label wastage from improper heat shrinking.
  • Automatic temperature control of the shrink tunnel for good protection:
    • Adjustable temperature and blowing intensity for optimal labeling effect.
    • When the conveyor is stopped for a prescribed duration, the shrink tunnel will automatically stop heating to avoid overheating the two ends of the batteries in the tunnel.
    • When the conveyor is stopped completely, the shrink tunnel will stop heating and blowing
  • Optional polarity detection feature: Automatically detects batteries placing in wrong polarity orientation and rejection.
  • Double safety features at the feeding mechanism: torque detection and emergency stop. When a mis-located battery blocks the star wheel, the machine will stop automatically.
  • Features for effective prevention of the problems such as missed labeling, wrong position, and double labeling; include intelligent label quantity management, warning messages and optional visual inspection devices.
Model: A204
Name: Battery Labeler
Capacity: 350bpm
Weight: 350kg
Electricity: 220VAC±10% 50Hz 2.6kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)2,580×(W)680×(H)1,650 mm
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