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RG12 Rotary Labeling System

High Speed Labeling System, High Speed Rotary Labeler Video

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  • Rotary Labeling System
  • Rotary Labeling System
  • Rotary Labeling System
  • Rotary Labeling System
A series of rotary labeling systems designed for the extra high speed and high precision requirement of the beverage, food packaging, beauty care,and chemical industries. Achieves different labeling modes including round bottle with orientation and round bottle with multi-labels, oval bottle front/back, square bottle wrap around, square bottle multi-sided, conical bottle etc. Multiple work stations are driven to spin by a cam or by motor while revolving around a carousel, and various methods are available for aligning bottle orientation to ensure fully and precisely controlled orientation of the bottle for accurate labeling. Options available: non-stop label roll change, synchronized coding, vision inspection.
  • Rotary carousel material handling method offers high speed and stability. Bottle orientation is fully controlled during transportation which ensures precise labeling position and versatility for different labeling modes.
  • Three configurations for different applications: high speed round bottles, round bottle with orientation feature, and flat/square bottles.
  • Cam driven satellite stations to control bottle rotation and ensure stability. Special cam design to meet the requirements of different labeling modes.
  • Servo driven high speed labeling engine to meet the need for extremely high speed label dispensing for fully wrapped round bottle.
  • Can install up to three labeling engine. Label engines can also be set up as master-slave to allow non-stop label change.
  • Inverter controlled conveyor motor offers independent stepless speed control of the main conveyor for easy connection to the line.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum structure; clear machine enclosure, meeting GMP requirements.
  • Highly user friendly touch panel HMI: 50 sets of parameter memory, operation status display and fault diagnosis screen.
  • Options available: TIJ, CIJ, laser, TTO, and hot stamping coding devices, vision inspection device, and automatic diversion mechanism.
  • Reserved PLC connection points for communication to upstream and downstream equipment.
Model: RG12
Name: Rotary Labeling System
Capacity: 240bpm
Weight: 1700kg
Electricity: 380V 50/60HZ
Dimension(for reference): (L)2100×(W)2300×(H)2250mm
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