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A920T High Precision Front/Back Labeling System

High precision square bottle, flat bottle labeling, labeling, side, double side labeling, single side labeling, single / double side labeling,Front/Back with Combo,Front/Back

High Precision Front/Back Labeling Systemphoto
  • High Precision Front/Back Labeling System
  • High Precision Front/Back Labeling System
  • High Precision Front/Back Labeling System
  • High Precision Front/Back Labeling System
For front and back labeling on oval, rectangular, or other irregular shaped bottles in the cosmetic, daily chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. A920T offers high labeling precision up to ±0.5mm, and high speed up to 200 bpm.
  • Specially designed bottle alignment mechanism to ensure proper alignment for the difficult-to-align bottles such as large curvature oval or other irregular shaped bottles.
  • Synchronized swing arm label hold-down mechanism to adapt label on to the bottle surface perfectly and wrinkle free.
  • Various options including secondary label hold-down, integrated machine enclosure, wrap-around station etc. for the higher end requirements.
  • Various coding devices for synchronized online coding: hot stamping, continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, laser, thermal transfer etc. to meet the different coding requirements of the user.
  • Various inspection devices for missing label, missing code, and wrong code detection. Defective items will be rejected automatically to a separate collection bin.
  • Touch panel HMI: User friendly and easy-to-use. Provides up to 50 sets of program memory, comprehensive help menu, and diagnosis support.
Model: A920T
Name: High Precision Front/Back Labeling System
Capacity: 20-200bpm
Weight: 600kg
Electricity: 220VAC±5% 50Hz 2.5kW
Dimension(for reference): (L) 3,650×(W)1,390 ×(H)1,600 mm
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