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A910 Side Labeling System

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  • Side Labeling System
  • Side Labeling System
  • Side Labeling System
  • Side Labeling System
A910 is an ideal choice for the cosmetic, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and other light industries automatic side labeling on oval shaped or rectangular shaped containers. Wrap-around belt, pneumatic wrap-around station and turn-table wrap-around station is optional for wrap-around labeling on the round bottle.
  • A dual-function labeler for wide range of applications: Simple adjustment to swap between side labeling mode and wrap-around labeling mode.
  • One labeler to handle three different shapes of bottles (rectangular, oval, round) with large size ranges, and also achieves wrap-around labeling.
  • Design features to ensure precise and smooth labeling on oval or rectangular bottles:
    • An alignment device composed of a pair of side chains to ensure symmetrical alignment of bottles along the center line.
    • A top conveyor belt at synchronized speed with the main conveyor to hold the bottles in place to maintain bottle alignment and stability throughout the labeling process
  • Optional special label sensor for detection of film transparent labels.
  • Optional registration features to cater for specific labeling requirements.
Model: A910
Name: Side Labeling System
Capacity: 50-240bpm
Weight: 600kg
Electricity: 220VAC±5% 50Hz 1.1kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)2,400×(W)1,100×(H)1,540 mm
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