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A720 Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System

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Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling Systemphoto
  • Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System
  • Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System
  • Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System
  • Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System
A720 Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System is an ideal choice of labeling equipment that satisfying three sided labeling or wrap-around labeling requirement for food & cooking oil manufacturing industries. Special labeling mechanism with label position registration devices make full loaded oil bottles auto-labeling process practical, with one machine versus multi bottle specifications. It can be operated either in stand-alone mode or integrated with the existing filling and packaging line in fully automatic system.
  • Design features ensure precise and smooth labeling on rectangular & round bottles for food and cooking oil industries. It's all-purpose, stable & durable, such as automatic 3-sided labeling on rectangular or oval bottles after filling.
  • Unique bottles feeding mechanism guarantees the stable and high speed operationv.
  • Special label pressing device ensures 3-sided rectangular bottle auto-labeling practical.
  • Resolve the auto-labeling technical.
    • problems for the cooking oil manufacturing industry
    • Smoothen the corner labeling on rectangular bottles
    • Ensure feeding process reliability with reference to the corner labeling requirement
    • One labeler for multi-bottles packaging line
    • Applying labels onto the full loaded cooking oil bottles on slippery conveyer
  • Highly user friendly interactive touch-screen control.
  • Intelligent label quantity management, warning message and optional visual inspection devices.
Model: A720
Name: Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling System
Capacity: 45bpm
Weight: 600kg
Electricity: 220VAC±5% 50Hz 1.04kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)2,400×(W)1,150×(H)1,200 mm
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