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A522 Semi-auto Soft-tube Labeling Machine

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Semi-auto Soft-tube Labeling Machinephoto
  • Semi-auto Soft-tube Labeling Machine
  • Semi-auto Soft-tube Labeling Machine
  • Semi-auto Soft-tube Labeling Machine
A522 offers a simple and reliable method for labeling on empty unsealed soft-tubes in small quantities. Using a mandrel to overcome the softness of the tube for labeling, the system offers consistent high labeling quality and precision. Change of material is also easy with the change of the mandrel. The system is also able to handle labeling with orientation with an optional attachment. A522 is simple to use, robust and offers excellent performance and is particularly useful for production needs with large variety and small quantities.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adapt a large range of soft-tube diameter and height. Easy adjustment between soft-tube sizes.
  • Stationary rotation of soft-tube allows putting two labels around at a time.
  • Pneumatic driven label adapting roller engagement for ease of use and consistent labeling effect.
  • Orientation sensor for tubes with orientation labeling requirement.
  • Servo driven labeling engine ensures speed and precision.
  • PLC controlled operation.
  • User friendly HMI with program memory.
Model: A522
Name: Semi-auto Soft-tube Labeling Machine
Capacity: 55bpm
Weight: 50kg
Electricity: 220V 0.8kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)1100 mm × (W)810 mm × (H)1460 mm
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