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PA6000 Print and Apply System

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  • Print and Apply System
  • Print and Apply System
  • Print and Apply System
  • Print and Apply System
PA6000 enables real time printing and application of labels on to product packages. Information such as production data, serial & batch numbers, anti-counterfeit numbers, unique product ID, packaging data, and distribution channel data etc. can be printed to the label in characters, barcodes, or 2D codes, or even in the form of RFID. Automatic application of these information on-line enables effective track and trace of the products in the subsequent distribution channels.
  • Choice of different label adaptors: Tamp-on, blow-on, brush-on, corner-wrap etc. to cater for the different needs in different production environments.
  • Alert function: Error messages and warning signal output when problem occurs. Different instructions are available on errors such as "open/close", "stop/continue" etc.
  • Versatile Label Editing: Compatible with most label editing software in the market - allow maximum flexibility in formatting labels.
  • Highly user friendly interactive touch-screen interface in both Chinese and English, makes operation easy and convenient.
  • Simple installation: Specially designed mounting stand with wide adjustment range for simple installation and easy adjustment.
Model: PA6000
Name: Print and Apply System
Capacity: 80ppm
Weight: 200kg
Electricity: 220VAC±10% 46-62Hz 0.77Kw
Dimension(for reference): (L)1,264×(W)885×(H)1,900
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