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A11 Prefilled Syringe Assembly & Labeling System

Plunger-rod Assembly & Labeling System for Prefilled Syringes

Prefilled Syringe Assembly & Labeling Systemphoto
  • Prefilled Syringe Assembly & Labeling System
  • Prefilled Syringe Assembly & Labeling System
  • Prefilled Syringe Assembly & Labeling System
  • Prefilled Syringe Assembly & Labeling System
A11 is a specially designed machine for assembling the plunger-rod into and labeling on pre-filled syringes.
A11 is specially designed for the packaging process of pre-filled syringes. The system does wrap around labeling on the syringe and also assemble the plunger-rod at the same time. The DN1 Denester can be used for automatic syringe feeding to the system. Various optional features including a syringe inspection station, label inspection camera, and automatic rejection etc.
  • Syringes unloaded from full nest, plunger-rod fed by vibrating feeder, indexing turntable with stations for inserting plunger-rod, tightening, and labeling.
  • Robust design and use of world-class materials and components to ensure exceptional performance, stability and quality.
  • The labeling system uses the proven emery traction roll and servo drive technology to ensure extra precision and long term stability.
  • Various on-line coding options, including hotstamping, inkjet, laser, thermal transfer are available to meet customer’s specific needs.
  • Various inspection options are also available to detect missing label, missing code, wrong code, missing plunger-rod etc. to ensure quality output for the user. Defective items are automatically collected in a rejection tray.
Model: A11
Name: Prefilled Syringe Assembly & Labeling System
Capacity: 160ppm
Weight: 600kg
Electricity: 220VAC±10% 50Hz 2kW
Dimension(for reference): (L)1,580mm x (W)1,410mm x (H)2,370mm
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